"Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question." – Niels Bohr

We start with that quote, because it says so much about All Sines. While confident in our position (often expressing views in the affirmative), the need to exercise and healthily sustain an open mind is paramount towards individual and societal adaptation (i.e. flexibility) in a reality capable of extreme dynamics. An athlete staying loose in a game to reduce injury risk and optimize performance suitably exemplifies that flexibility.

We always believe in keeping an open mind when the possibility exists that we can be proven wrong, but we insist upon that proof being objectively strong prior to fixing our view and righteously adapting accordingly.

That fix must occur – regardless of the challenge involved – and we have unwavering faith towards adaptation presenting at least one healthy opportunity validating the cost of that challenge.

That possibility is a seed of exploration, and All Sines is ultimately all about exploring reality to better understand it entertainingly (inclusively educationally).

Considering the scientific method has naturally proven itself critical in that exploration, a nice fit occurs upon understanding the quote above was apparently stated by Niels Bohr (he won a Nobel Prize in Physics).

Founded in late 2009 by Spirit Wave (a.k.a. Scott) – a grounded logician, multimedia entertainer (primarily audio sculptor), small business technologist, and entrepreneur – All Sines is experimentally focused upon a handful of socially explorative entertainment ecosystems (entecos) for community benefit.

All Sines is dedicated to pure expression that...

  • avoids being destructively altered to meet the perceived and statistical probability of pleasing the largest audience for financial benefit.
  • negates pressurizing release dates conflicting with expression quality.
  • is efficiently communicated for your access and sharing convenience.

We never guarantee museum-quality results, but we guarantee museum-quality effort. That high-quality pursuit applies to our entertainment, and the equally carefully sculpted areas of our private small business (i.e. Real Wave) and technological infrastructure (both initially sculpted by Spirit Wave for over two decades, which humbly includes the modular small website engine running at least this website).

While "offline" art museums obviously offer positive experiences, we work and rest to "bring our flavor of art museum" to the many people around the world incapable of traveling to the "offline" variety – and we also always welcome those of you without that boundary.

The internet is inclusively society's perpetual global festival "stage", and we are constantly performing a multimedia concert spanning all time (or such) wherever we exist there.

We love that our fans can essentially always access our internet-optimized entertainment as desired to fit their lives. That remains important, because the quality of context (including anyone within it) is equally important to the content itself (e.g. 'good content + fitting context = positive experience', while 'same good content + misfitting context = "good" content sucks big time in negative experience').

All Sines is not about the acquisition of mindless drones paying to receive our entertainment. While voluntarily passively experiencing All Sines entertainment is cool with us, voluntary fan expression tuned in with the aforementioned dedication is also a natural part of the entertainment that consequently becomes a synergy of expression (professional and otherwise) for worst through best.

All we ask in return is fan support by maturely sharing knowledge and experience fittingly within our community, and righteously financially contributing to our thankyouness to respect that we have bills to pay – e.g. allowing you to read this.

In other words, righteously financially contributing to our thankyouness as a reflection of the value that we provide you during our perpetual online performance is cool ioho, and the value of our thankyouness expires whenever you feel it does, so giving you the option to righteously financially contribute more to our thankyouness.

For everyone's convenience, we offer a simple $1 yearly (set it and forget it) 'tip jar' subscription option for each of our entecos. As we are not greedy and believe in 'lean and mean' financial discipline, even just $1 annually towards your favorite enteco(s) will get the job done right upon sufficient community growth.

An enteco is like an artificial reef, so a basic informational structure based upon a name, optional logo, and simple guideline for consistency and reasonable order that covers multimedia and sociality within that context – one that may (or may not) grow (and die) in whatever natural way.

Another way to understand the enteco mindset is to treat an enteco like an open source software project, but replace software with entertainment.

If you operate as a healthy fit within the All Sines enteco, then feel free to openly express that participation. The All Sines trademark is protectively owned by Real Wave, but you can use it without fear of prosecution (as long as no criminal activity becomes associated with that trademark). Mocking All Sines is acceptable (if you must), and you can use whatever graphical style (again limited only by law) during your All Sines expression.

We rely upon Creative Commons licensing to facilitate artistic extension beyond our control. That allows entertainers to expand or alter All Sines' works to create more elaborate, humorous, simpler (or what have you) entertainment.

We love providing opportunities for talented-but-drowned-out entertainers to rise above the informational noise floor.

We also love the idea of using established publications (in a way that does not negatively affect anyone responsible for those publications) for any entertaining expression from complex through simple.

Audio sculpting (basically using resources needed for live performance or scoring visual projects to instead apply them towards creating a more immersive listening experience – e.g. intricate effects work) is apparently an innovative audio creation method, so feel free to learn more about audio (and ultimately entertainment) sculpting.

Thank you for whatever supporting role you play in our All Sines Tribe, and we hope you benefit from exploring our entecos.