Audio Sculpting

Audio Sculpting is apparently a new audio creation method – one typically focused upon maximizing the richness of audio textures to give listeners a more immersive audio experience.

Traditional audio creation methods form audio (at least primarily) intended for live performance and/or scoring for visual art. While those traditional audio creation forms are wonderful (when wonderfully applied by any relevantly wonderfully talented being), there are naturally occurring limitations allowing audio sculpting to impress in its own way (it's an "apples and oranges" thing).

Instead of spending resources (i.e. time, energy, and so on) towards rehearsal and performance, and instead of basically spending similar resources towards forcing song structure and completion deadlines to accommodate visual artists, audio sculptors are free to focus solely upon carefully sculpting audio in their studio in a natural way.

Without coerced premature deadlines to meet other needs, an audio sculpture is truly done when it feels done by the sculptor(s). That allows an audio sculpture to be refined to a degree of sonic detail beyond (if not well beyond) the result provided by any other audio creation method, so allows the listener to be rewardingly immersed in (perhaps far) richer audio textures resulting in a deeply impressive sonic environment.

An audio sculptor may prefer to produce and/or engineer when appropriate during audio composition. For example, an equalizer is a very powerful mood changer. Even slightly changing equalization can produce dramatic effects on the net-resulting audio. Equalization changes may be applied to an instrument and/or effect during composition to change the sculptor's perspective of the audio work, so allow the muse to naturally shift directions as may be needed to maintain purity within this extremely dynamic reality. In short, audio sculptors have many more powerful tools for composition, thanks to production and engineering. Additionally, since careful attention to detail can be exercised by audio sculptors, the mastering process can be inherent within composition.

One typically obvious distinction of audio sculpting comes from a highly detailed focus on sculpting audio effects. Parameters of spatial effects are carefully tuned to form a (possibly complexly textured) sonic structure adding ample spatial character to the audio piece. Though subjective, a mark of a good audio sculptor is the ability to blend effects with instrumentation to form the illusion of (perhaps much more) instrumentation.

Feel free to note that audio sculpting obviously shares a connection with soundscaping, but can deviate from soundscaping formality as effectively insisted upon by an audio sculptor's muse.

An audio sculpture may be published in a basic form (perhaps ideal for background music), but then refined further for one or more later publications that invite the listener to become focused upon (and immersed within) the listening experience. In other words, publication and therefore familiarity can be leveraged as composition parameters, so an audio sculpture may span any number (and even style) of publication waves.

That parameter expansion inconceivably increases the exploration possibilities for both audio sculptors and fans. For example, a fan can experience publication waves in different ordering, and express the result of that impact during social reach. For another example, each publication wave can branch off into an entire tree of audio experience (e.g. by way of Creative Commons licensing and audio sculpting communities not necessarily formally associated with All Sines), and each branch of that new tree offers that same opportunity – think self-similarity in fractal geometry. The result is oceanic possibilities for audio sculpting – including results shaped by audio sculptor and fan synergy.

One can publish an audio sculpture, and then provide the tracks (and/or loops, and so on) to another audio sculptor for further refinement for deeper sonic textures and other stylistic influences. Remixers can also embrace audio sculpting by taking any audio tracks (intentionally audio sculptured or not) and sculpting them. In short, audio sculptors may obviously work together in any of the many possible ways, operate solo, or mix it up as desired.

As audio sculptures often cannot be performed live (at least in the familiar way spanning music history as of this authorship, and noting the results of audio sculpting obviously can be adapted for live performance), and they basically cannot be properly publicly presented as an offline collection (e.g. offline museum exhibit) without requiring potentially expensive care to avoid sonic conflicts between audio sculptures being simultaneously heard, the ideal public environment for audio sculptures remains the internet.

As audio sculptures are optionally always available on the perpetual and globally networked "stage", unlike a performance for which you may be unable to attend (e.g. due to excessive distance, scheduling conflict, illness, special needs, and so on), audio sculptures can be accessed in their prime form at any time (i.e. in the form they were optimized for, as opposed to other recordings that are typically less impressive than experiencing the corresponding live performance of that recorded work).

As psychedelic (especially cannabis) legality continues to increase in formal recognition, the ability to experience audio sculptures in many powerfully new entertaining forms within the comfort of your home correspondingly adds value to this audio creation method.

For example, cannabis effects (from a solo strain to a composition – a.k.a. salad – of strains) come in a variety basically on par with the variety of music that exists globally (including dissonant and challenging effects through harmonious and friendly effects in a virtually infinite number of styles). For cannabis-friendly audio sculptures, it can be fun to lawfully try and socially recommend different cannabis effects (i.e. to be an amateur or professional cannabis jockey) to mix with one or more audio sculptures for a (perhaps very) different listening experience of that same audio. In addition to perhaps dramatically enhancing the listening experience, psychedelic evolution (including its oceanic variety) can fittingly extend the value of any given audio work.

Audio sculptures can be seamlessly combined to form a sonaride. A sonaride is basically the audio version of an amusement park ride. The audio can change parameters (e.g. tempo) to give the sense of riding an audio roller coaster (or such). Sonarides can resolve by bringing the listener back to the sonaride starting point, or the sonaride can leave the listener somewhere completely different at the end – still a respectable resolution, because the listener will obviously remain in the same physical place for the entire ride, so at least arguably constitutes the only resolution that matters in this case. Sonarides inspire the idea of surprise in arrangements, so the traditional 'intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus fade' arrangement (or such) is not always desirable.

Additionally, video sculpting (and ultimately entertainment sculpting in any form) may be added for a virtually infinite number of infinite ways to entertain an audience. That includes virtual reality, so ultimately we're dealing with experience sculpting via entertainment.

No sonaride-like term has yet been established for other combinations of entertainment matching the sonaride idea, but anyone providing a name clearly embraced by the All Sines Tribe will likely be inducted into the hAll Sines of Fame fwiw. That said, "psyride" (psyride audio, psyride video, psyride virtual reality, and so on) can be used to describe any entertainment sculpture combined with responsible psychedelic intake.

Though All Sines was initially established with a primary focus towards audio sculpting (i.e. reflecting Spirit Wave's dominant audio sculpting focus as founder of All Sines), we're increasingly working and resting to promote entertainment sculpting. As we extend further into other areas aside from audio sculpting, changing the title of this page to "Entertainment Sculpting" will be increasingly pressing.

To experience our entertainment sculptures, visit our entertainment ecosystems area.

Spirit Wave (or Scott, if you prefer) offers his audio sculpting service when able for fitting clients.