All Sines Connect is our formal/informal perpetual community outreach to seamlessly connect All Sines with potential fans.

From 'rarely helping us by way of casual word-of-mouth' through 'ultra intense committment extravaganza', feel free to be creative and have fun. To remain in tune with our main groove, you need to uphold our expression principles (i.e. basically the listed items at our about page), but that likely goes without saying.

The All Sines realm (a.k.a. Asforus) provides infinite possibilities, because Asforus isn't the typical three-dimensional area with defined borders (e.g. room, amusement park, and so on), although it may contain such areas officially or not (that distinction for the sake of strengthening credibility to prevent All Sines from being chaotically diffused to irrelevance).

Because consciousness smoothly blends into one with reality (i.e. consciousness is a physical and seamless part of any area), Asforus extends into any mind volunteering to participate as an actual part of Asforus (for whatever duration and form). There's nothing formal about this latter extension (never a need to install an Asforus brain module, or such). That extension naturally occurs in whatever manner constituting your strictly voluntary connection with All Sines.

All Sines has yet to reach many suitable areas for social and content connections. You can see which entertainment ecosystems (entecos) have social branches and feel free to start filling in the many voids due to the absence of complete branching. If our tribe concludes that you're doing a topnotch job, we'll approach you about becoming officially connected with us, though modulating and resonating credibility ultimately determines your value (not necessarily official status).

If you act brilliantly on behalf of the All Sines Tribe, you'll be considered by our tribe for enshrinement in the hAll Sines of Fame.

Please understand that acting within Asforus requires you to agree to the legal terms contained within our unfortunately necessary protective legal disclaimer.