NJ (Net Jockey) Spirit Wave

Considering a web search using the term "net jockey" produces very little information (including no wiki entry) as of October 9, 2013, an introduction to the concept is righteous. What are the odds that apparently the only entry on the subject is a video (made by someone unknown to us) largely fitting with the All Sines styling of entertainment? Good enough:

Here's our take on net jockeying:

Net jockeys (NJs) are similar to (and inspired by) disc jockeys (DJs). The latter carefully and creatively selects multiple musical tracks to blend together (and perhaps adds performance to) a session basically spanning an evening in some venue (clubs, stadiums, and so on), while net jockeys apply that selection method to multimedia content and conduct their session online using chronological publication tools and whatever else works to fittingly present that content. A net jockey can be dedicated to a single lifelong session and/or separate (perhaps branch) sessions to taste.

NJs can come in any of many flavors, and their skills can be exercised professionally or "hobbyally". They can cover one or more topics. They can appear at any time in any suitable environment (websites, social networking areas, and so on). They can be educational. They can operate solo or as a team (temporarily or permanently). They can cover many "publication grooves" (or one, if preferred), so use content publication timing, duration, and location themselves as part of their expression. They can lawfully recommend cannabis (or other legal psychedelic) styling for enhancing the experience. Their main purpose is to help people filter in the right content in an entertaining way to help offset the serious problems known as information overload and boredom.

Strengthening credibility is a major (if not primary) goal for any good NJ. More credibility equals an increase in the odds of securing more 'gravity' (i.e. attention), so consequently increases the odds of securing a stronger audience. NJs understanding Reality Waveform Theory understand that peak success includes an inevitable corresponding peak failure at some point in their seamless existence with reality itself (i.e. too much success is bad at some point). Any NJ achieving success to a degree outside her/his/its comfort zone means the primary goal becomes toning down presence sufficiently, while investing excessive success (e.g. excessive resources derived from that success) into helping other talented individuals (typically basically within the next generation) succeed.

Roles within an NJ session (or realm, since time passage can be irrelevant due to content availability persistence) can include content creation, aggregation, and presentation.

NJ Spirit Wave is our first net jockey. He covers all three roles, while entertaining within Asforus (i.e. All Sines realm). He's a multimedia entertainer with a dominant focus upon being an explorative electronic musician (more of an audio sculptor really). He loves to curate and chronologically present his and other entertainers' works via Playful Skull. He's a designer and developer of small websites (including this one), has been using Adobe Photoshop for over a decade (initially making all of our website images, and many other original works), has some basic Adobe After Effects and Premiere skills for basic video work (relying upon his talented friends for more advanced video projects) – all uploaded to Playful Skull's Videoverse (i.e. Playful Skull's YouTube channel), and is a reasonably solid writer. Finally, he wonders if Americans (or anyone else familiar with our nation's states) will say New Jersey Spirit Wave, and if so, when (or if) it will stop for the sake of accuracy (noting he has nothing against New Jersey).

His main topics of interest are liberty (i.e. healthy societal flexibility), objectivity (i.e. the scientific method), and improving individual stress for better societal stress (naturally reducing violence, poverty, substance abuse, and so on). Combined, those topics serve to continue the righteous opposition against law abuse (logically the worst form of abuse due to its mainly broad scope of destruction). His primary example of opposing that worst form of abuse is working to end the demonstrable failure against society that he calls Certain Drug Prohibition (a.k.a. the war on [some] drugs), especially in the area of psychedelics (which, upon proper use, at least demonstrate themselves as varying degrees of fitting mental tuning tools for protecting and strengthening the mind). Importantly note that he has nothing against positive law enforcement (quite the praising contrary for those individuals actually serving and protecting the public instead of themselves).

NJ Spirit Wave also loves to hike for exercise, including increasing appreciation for carefully applying wilderness pressure by our species, and continues to find opportunities to increase Yoga (and meditation in general) in his life.

His lifelong net jockeying session is coincidentally happening in part by this seamless connection with your natural reading of this net jockeying explanation, which includes offering optional directions for you to travel forward via the aforementioned links (and the one at the end of this next sentence). You can feel free to travel along those paths to explore and tap into aspects of Asforus that you find interesting, so naturally existing as a seamless part of our All Sines Tribe.